Thursday, 19 April 2012

Why you should do business as a student

Many parents object to the idea of their children doing business in school because they don’t understand the benefits of doing such. Now let me outline some of the benefits you are going to derive by successfully engaging in one or more of the businesses outlined in this book, after you will now decide whether to engage in it or not. They include:

CASH: Believe it or not, life is good with money. With money, you are able to acquire basic needs of a student that will help you come out better in your academics. Likewise, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so you also need to do one or two social activities like going to bar, chasing women, partying etc. all this requires money of which you know very well that your parents cant give you. Luxurious life is also sweet.

Those who normally criticize luxurious life are the poor ones. With cash, you can afford to dress exotically, use costly gadgets and even cruise on a car to the admiration of girls and to the envy of guys. So doing business as a student will guarantee you additional cash for miscellaneous expenses. Come to think of it, is it bad if you buy your own car as a student like other big boys do on campus? Definitely NO. I am doing it and so you can if you want to.

RESPECT: Take it or leave it, but it remains true, that students admire and respect their fellow students who legally make money on their own, rather than from their parents. You will only command such respect and admiration if you engage in a successful money making venture. Think of standing up in class to speak when everywhere is noisy, and everybody calms down to hear you; you are their idol, they want to hear words of wisdom from you. Imagine the pride and fulfillment you will have by this.

With good money, people will want to associate with you whether you are ugly or shot, to either learn or eat from you. I told you that as shy as I am, campus politicians come to make me their friend so that I can help sponsor their political bids. That is the power of money.

EXPERIENCE: These days, most employers require that job seekers have some years of experience in a particular field before employing them. Why? Because they are loosing faith in our theory-oriented school system. With this situation, young graduates find it difficult to get such work because they just left school and have not worked anywhere before. Woe!! But not so for a student entrepreneur like you are going to be. Why? Because as you are doing business while still a student, you are acquiring experience needed by any employer to employ you. Let’s assume you started a business related to your talent or course in year one. By the time you are graduating in your fourth year, you already have four-year working experience, making you qualified to get job with ease while your mates are still busy scrambling for work. To understand this well, go and ask graduates without job and you will be shocked to discover why they were disqualified from jobs (if they will be candid to you o!!)

KISS UNEMPLOYMENT GOOD-BYE: If you build a successful business like I am doing, while still a student, why should you go about looking for job when you graduate? So for us entrepreneurs, nothing like unemployment after school. Personally, I don’t even want to be employed, rather I will be employing others. Trust!

GROWTH POTENTIAL: You never can tell, depending on your business plan, your business might grow into a multi-national business. It only depends on your passion and vision for the business. Most of the big businesses you see started like you; as a student. It was by pursuing their vision that they were able to grow into real big business. Example includes Microsoft, Facebook, Dell etc. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Make that bold step by starting one or more of the business listed in this book, and you are on your way to greatness.

So my good friend, are you still telling me that it is not good to do business as a student? If you feel you don’t want to enjoy these benefits, I advise that you stop here and close the book, because you will never gain any other thing out of it. I won’t beg or try convincing you to enjoy good life. But when the intimidation from the would-be big boys who go ahead to start a business and earning money, come your way, don’t feel bad.


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