Thursday, 19 April 2012

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There is something that touched my heart and inspired me to start writing this article for my fellow great Nigerian Students. I have a friend (I won’t mention his name lest he feel bad and embarrassed). Since I knew this guy (way back 2007), he has been wearing a particular singlet. He just changed his footwear some months back and his clothes, God knows has been crying for change. I am not insulting or abusing this guy, after all, he is my friend. This guy has brain and all it takes to get what he wants; MONEY! But he can not because of his mentality. He loves good life, yet cannot afford what he needs. His reason is this; “his parents are poor”.

For how long shall we continue to depend on our parents completely for survival? I heard that in the Western Countries (I have not been there myself), a child begins to live independent at 18. But here in Nigeria, at 25, a guy is still depending on his parents. That to me is somehow, when he can do one or two things to help himself and those around him.

I was talking to a friend about this particular issue and the possibility of Nigerian students earning little or big cash while still studying, just like the Western do. I was taken aback by what he told me in response; “Nigeria is hard for graduates to earn a living not to talk more of an undergraduate”. This is a bad notion we have to correct. I am a student and I am earning a good living in the part-time businesses I do, yet doing a really difficult course; medicine and surgery (I am not boasting. It is a fact). Why then are others complaining of lack of cash and opportunity when other students are busy packing in cash for themselves? In my year one in school, I heard and knew of a student who was already worth more than N10M (ten million naira) in his third year and got married in his final year in school. Is that not still the same student in the same country and the same university with you?

In life, especially in this our country, what is needed to excel financially and otherwise is the brains, the right information and good mentor. It saddens my heart to see many of our young guys with brains live a live of a pauper against their wishes and ambition when there is a way out for them. Something has to be done about this.

I envisage a situation where Nigerian students work and earn money on part-time basis, while still studying full time, just like the westerns do. It is not impossible.

My fellow Students, let us change our mindsets about Money and the difficulty in its acquisition. Think of what you can offer others and not what others will offer you. As you are offering something positively to others, they will be offering positive cash to your pocket too. That is the secret to making money. You can do it even as a student, in fact it is easier as a student.

Start thinking of something to offer others positively from today and your financial status will start to change.

I will be revealing to you in my next few articles, all you need to start earning cash as a student like I and so many others do, without endangering your studies. Keep a date with me next time.

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