Thursday, 19 April 2012

Developing the right mindset for starting a students business

Starting a successful business can be very hard if you have not undergone the right mind-training for it. It is one thing to know the hottest money-making idea; it’s another thing to start them; yet another thing to keep it up from the beginning. So it is in your best interest not to skip this article as it will prepare your mind for what ever business you may venture into.

To be successful in any business as a student, you will require the following;

There’s nothing great that was achieved without passion for it. Passion is what will drive you when it seems the odds are against you. You need to have a very strong passion for whatever business you intend entering. If you are a football freak, you can enter into a football related business. If you are a computer freak, you should engage in a business related directly or indirectly to it. And so on. If you don’t love what you are doing, there is no way you can succeed in it. I love computers and have a passion for it, so I engage into computer-related business. If you see that I am successful in my own and decide to engage in it because I am making money from it, you may probably not succeed if you are not sincerely passionate about it. Remember that we all have different talents, skills, likes and dislikes. So what works for me may not work for you. In essence, choose only businesses that you are passionate about and you will see yourself succeeding faster than you imagined.

After passion, comes diligence. What I mean by diligence is purely “hard-work”. It requires that you give good time and attention to any of these businesses you wish to start, at least for the first few weeks. Once your structure is kept in place, you can then go and sleep while the money keeps coming; but it requires that you be hardworking at the beginning at least till profits starts coming in.

By this, I mean the ability to bounce back after set-backs or difficulty. The road to success in any sphere of life is not a smooth one. Nobody prays for set-back, but at least you should be able to quickly absorb the shock and strive on. Your eye should be on your goal; TO MAKE MONEY”. It should drive you to get up and continue.
When Thomas Edison (the man that invented the electric bulb) was asked why he continued on his experiment on inventing an electric bulb even after failing 10,000 times, his answer was very simple; “I did not fail 10,000 times, I only discovered 10,000 ways of how not to do it”
These words should always spur you. You never know how close you are to success when you are about to quit. So when you fail in a particular venture, just know that you have not applied the right effort.

This is a very important attribute of every successful person. When you set out on these ventures, you must encounter people who will discourage you. It is you alone that know what you are aiming at and so no matter how hard you try to explain to them, they will never understand. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ignore them and carry out your venture. When you succeed, those same people will still come back to ask you how you did it. Ask any successful man you know who started from scratch like you and he will tell you his or her experience.

After everything you plan, still remember that God is the ultimate controller of everything. The following bible passages will explain better:
Proverbs 3:5 says “lean on and trust in God with all your heart and mind and trust not in your own understanding. Present all your plans to him so he will bless it”
Proverbs 16:1 says “we make our plans, but God directs our action”

In essence, you have to trust completely in God, because he is the creator and controller of all forces in the universe and have the power to make your venture successful or not. He has the best plans for you, plans of prosperity and the future you hope for. So align yourself with him so you can tap from his abundant grace and blessing.

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