Thursday, 19 April 2012

Developing the right mindset for starting a students business

Starting a successful business can be very hard if you have not undergone the right mind-training for it. It is one thing to know the hottest money-making idea; it’s another thing to start them; yet another thing to keep it up from the beginning. So it is in your best interest not to skip this article as it will prepare your mind for what ever business you may venture into.

To be successful in any business as a student, you will require the following;

Why you should do business as a student

Many parents object to the idea of their children doing business in school because they don’t understand the benefits of doing such. Now let me outline some of the benefits you are going to derive by successfully engaging in one or more of the businesses outlined in this book, after you will now decide whether to engage in it or not. They include:

Welcome message

There is something that touched my heart and inspired me to start writing this article for my fellow great Nigerian Students. I have a friend (I won’t mention his name lest he feel bad and embarrassed). Since I knew this guy (way back 2007),